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rolex replica watches has been a very good sales



In Switzerland, no matter in which city, look up is a watch shop. The window full of beautiful things in eyes, but through the window of the shop, see, but always very left out in the cold.


From luzern began, many watch shop shop always sit up with a Chinese employees, because now escaping from China tour is buy watches leader. Push the door, figure a flash, the counter immediately efferent Beijing dialect very Chinese, put those with enough cash to buy Swiss original table of Chinese a scare. Then of course is smiled, but laughed a little embarrassed. Go all the way, preparation is a language barrier in the premise, with lively gesticulations to a compilation of exploration, but the somebody else early know you will to a large number of open net, waiting. Language through the good management, but it shall be done, have a little pall. The original Swiss watch manufacturer after many years of struggle has decision watch industry in today's world of decline trend, are trying to dance to another tune, looking for life, how stock suddenly have a large number of Chinese on their slow day long goods produced fever, they began very wonder, then a smile from ear to ear. Anyway, the world's oldest mechanical timer or number of the eastern han dynasty zhang heng manufacturing water turn armillary sphere, but if the common practical, I think really should be attributed to the European timer. Old church are originally artificial bell, then into the mechanical clock, don't know how much cost genius craftsman intelligence and hard work. The first Italian artificial out with simple mechanical dotting the clock is in the middle of the 14th century, to the 16th century German use the clockwork, later Galileo invented gravity pendulum is also the Dutch into mechanical clock, the British and the longitudinal escape structure, there is a lot of kung fu. Anyway, almost the whole of Europe are competitively for timer output. This and they in the industrial revolution and commercial tide of every minute counts, reciprocal causation as for the Swiss watch industry, the 16 century from a religious great migration. French clock technology then come, and Switzerland original gold and silver jewelry industry combine to make the production of clocks is more a decorative function and value function. The 19th century appeared TAB machinery, Switzerland and the industry by leaps and bounds, has drawn the attention of the world. In my opinion, watch manufacturing has reached its peak in the 19th century, although at that time or in the handicraft industry is given priority to, have not been formed the scale of production. Those wearing monocular magnifying glass craftsmen beard, the amazing creativity all outpouring came to the small metal block, those who want to get, try to try to do it. - this is exciting ChuangZaoQi effect. There seems to be a sense of power in promoting, everyday wonderful world and even more difficult corner also can quickly scored.


The twentieth century watch industry also has a lot of work, but in the 19th century under the framework of original exquisite add, belongs to the time of the first behavior level. I want to the 19th century the full beard craftsman if underground have spirit, won't satisfied with counterparts, behind the look, just like the last batch of Greek tragedian, or the last batch of tang poet, two eyes lost. Their outstanding achievements make offspring lost to create space, I don't know who the complaint, their offspring, or in the twentieth century BiaoYe opponent in more important task than vulture act the role ofing is popular. The central character is no longer a craftsman, but entrepreneurs. (to popularity will lead competition, the Swiss watch industry competition in the Middle East, and finally ran west process developed quartz watch, liquid crystal table. This BiaoYe opponent it actually is a good news or the writing on the wall I think at that time must have a lot of insight have see the paradox here, i.e., the new electronic timing technology is necessarily mechanical timing technology of natural enemy, it is convenient, accurate and cheap has made to the traditional mechanical table ChaoXue. "on the surface, mechanical watch will be in their own history, brand ChaoXue electronic watch, but this ChaoXue is a kind of ethical degress, sex, and watch out for the mechanical watch ChaoXue, look be like negative the ethics program, is a historical necessity. Just think, that can be done anywhere and anytime attached in various instruments, building above and good timing flash is digital, glittering land that mechanical timer times basic end in this case, the mechanical watch can barely keep to position it leaves decorative function. But how smart electronic technology, they also quickly in the decoration on the function with more free articles. Give the devil his due, now many watch shape design, and the most beautiful than mechanical watch no difference where to go, but they are so cheap, mechanical watch can flaunt is just brand. Brand is a kind of decoration, decoration, mainly in people's psychological.


Modern reality, quickly on this issue have agreed, in addition to a handful of collectors, we are no longer value mechanical watch adornment function, so the Swiss watch as early as in more than twenty years ago were Japan and Hong Kong quartz watch of the world market, lost. ; Swiss watch business recall a painful experience, in twenty years ago to design a very cheap plastic quartz go needle table, built a English name is Swatch, Chinese translated as "company swatches, it is very popular, and even a lot of primary school pupils brightly coloured wearing it, left to jilt to not matter.


In this way, the Swiss watch industry is breath a sigh of relief, and many of the traditional one famous brand are net into the "Swatch group". This is equivalent to a naughty grandson adopted a large group of distinguished ancestor, seem to have a little sad and a little humor. But in the group name at least that, the somebody else RuiShiZhi BiaoYe is not according to the original value system arrange in order of seniority, but this Chinese tourists also understand how not to come over, blindly despise a grandson, frequently harassed old old man.


The Swiss Swatch is mainly aimed at the Japanese jeweler. Japan jeweler of course also unwilling fall behind, since Switzerland also played the cheap electronic technology, then it is to play expensive electronic technology, the price can be high to with famous mechanical watch almost, but on a variety of electronic instrument function, let the Swatch in electronic technology level to shame.


In fact, the electronic technology advantage is that the complicated things to handle, but there are some Japanese jeweler not to do so, they used the merge, combination of ways to make complicated more complicated, let little a watch into instrument maze. In today's high-tech times to do so without any technical difficulties, but it can attract the bite off more than one can ask miscellaneous, the young man likes to show off. This kind of marketing means, in my view, is not too conforms to the commercial moral. By contrast, but is the Swiss watch industry from mechanical watch to the Swatch, are more serious.


I'm here to see a Japanese electronic watch, more than $two hundred a piece, according to the manufacturer's publicity information is designed for the air force and navy design, actually also is various electronic instrument focused on a surface it. No one can take it as multi-function said understand, also do not have a pair of eyes can put it bunches of digital, pointer, liquid crystal can see clearly. One of our partners to buy a piece of, and at the same time, bought a high power magnifier, watch button wrist, magnifying glass sloshing in the waist belt, watch even hide, afraid of people joke.


Talking and laughing here, we should go back to look at a large number of to Switzerland to purchase watches the Chinese tourists. Most of them is not confused, know watch timing function has not important, decorative function and very narrow, seems to value is its value function, but also understand the heart by modern life consumption standards, a few pieces of the value of the Swiss watches if. Since it is so, why am I still so keen? I think this is yesterday's inertia, parents genetic, gone with residual dream, really need tenderness and compassion, and should not ChaoXue and hoot. Now that is inertia and genetic, it is not realistic logic, but carefully recourse, the formation of their history and logic, this is today's young generation do not know the. In the turmoil of war years, everyone wants to take a

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little hide anything of value. Maharaja nobles will hide a treasure of cultural relics, township of the landlord will hide a little gold and silver soft, ordinary people will hide a little daily clothing, and big cities have seen a world citizen, will think of watch, watch for hidden than hidden cultural relics, gold and silver security, also easy to against the sale. When I was young, I saw a pair of by some Swiss watches the citizens of husband and wife live, it is a historical recapitulate. I was 13 years old, often with my classmates to Shanghai people's park labor, every time see a - year - old husband and wife. Park aunt told us, the couple without children, young when open a watch shop, then leave a box of Swiss watch endowment, every few months to sell piece as the cost of living, but they never thought, you can live so old.


Therefore, I see the old husband and wife, and Swiss watches in a strange game. They don't know what to watch go faster or slower. Swiss watch always walked so must, when the time comes to sell a piece of, sell, the old man is for and live a long time and lucky, or for survival crisis approached and fear the king king king for dispute for watches, what is the sound of life promise or urged me to want to in the lonely twilight late into the night, the sound is hard to hear it, but they both the husband and wife live to old age in conjugal bliss, dim eyes in this sound every butt, can produce a kind of mock time and mock his disappointed smile. They were in the park every day little restaurant with a meal, point two little yellow croaker, this in the hungry s very envy; But then one day, suddenly say just a, aunt silently say to us:

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may be the rest of the Swiss watches are numbered. I want to see what the old man put a watch, but they who also do not wear, tight in the wrist empty.


I don't know the old live long, dying is still leave Swiss watch. Anyway, this is a Swiss watch in China left a sad and warm life game, but believe that it will not be repeated.


Therefore, have the opportunity to talk to squeeze in the Swiss watch the Chinese tourists, not for the past age too persistent. Watch all the time in the year, it is the most know time can't turn back the clock, therefore, it is also watch itself to our advice.


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